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C-V-S Pharmacy seems to copy the famous United States-based, CVS Pharmacy’s name and added a little twist to the shop name. is now closed, after operating since 2001. The shop, today, has a seized domain status, but actually, C-v-s-pharmacy’s domain had the status since 2013. According to the notice inscribed on the shop’s former domain, the store was seized in pursuant to a warrant from a district court located in the United States. Although indirectly stated, may have been a scam site which sold counterfeit products and dispensed prescription medications without asking for the proper Rx from consumers.

The earliest records I was able to find for was in 2001, but then, CVS Pharmacy only had one page without products advertised. The next retrieved data for were from 2011-2012, and the data indicated that the shop was actually “Toronto Drug Store” which was part of the “Canadian Rx Network”. According to the information, the store started operating in 2005, although there was no sufficient proof to this claim by CVS Pharmacy.

Most of the meds on were generic products and the store explicitly stated that its products were shipped out of India. CVS Pharmacy/Toronto Drug Store also stated that it did not have resellers, so it was able to maintain affordable prices for its products. Buyers were able to choose from a myriad of products on the store, as the shop offered meds for women’s health, depression, pain, mental health, blood pressure, cholesterol management, weight loss, and other clinical concerns. The best-sellers on CVS/Toronto Drug Store were mostly erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and their generic parallels.

Although the store was offline, I was able to check the 2012 prices for the impotence products accessible on the store. According to the price list, offered 30 pills of the 100 mg Viagra product for $105, 30 pills of Cialis 20 mg for $117, and 30 pills of Levitra 20 mg for $101. For me, these prices were higher than the normally offered prices for generic impotence medications—some online pharmacies were able to offer low per-tablet average prices and also were able to offer them for at least 4 to 10 pills initially, and not a bulk 30-piece order.

Shipping was rendered free by, but the store required clients to shop for at least $300 in order to avail the free airmail shipping option. Delivery insurance was also given free by the clients when orders exceeded $300, which means that CVS Pharmacy/Toronto Drug Store required consumers to pay for insurance so their clients can have guaranteed reshipments when delivery failed. offered to accept payments from E-checks, MasterCard, and VISA credit cards. The shop, then, also offered a money-back guarantee to make the purchases risk-free.

Since the shop now exists as a seized domain, the store cannot be reached during this time. Reviews

Using Google, I searched for available consumer reviews for the store which claimed to operate since 2005. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in discovering if there were consumer comments for the store, as the shop did not have any consumer mentions and other details for its past service.

It is peculiar that a site which has a proclaimed “long track record” did not have any mentions from consumers whatsoever. CVS Pharmacy/Toronto Drug Store appeared to be the least choice of clients when it came to medication needs and it probably seemed an unreliable store that the buyers were discouraged to order from the store. Reviews 2016

Even decent reviews from blogger websites were unavailable for CVS Pharmacy, indicating a lack of awareness of independent entities concerning the existence of CVS Pharmacy/Toronto Drug Store as a viable place to shop medications from.

I also tried searching on databases of popular websites such as Scam Adviser, Legit Script, and Scamner, but I was also unsuccessful in collating information for the domain. It may be that the website was shut down by the government even before records for were gathered by the famed websites. The shop may have operated rather too briefly to be included in the databases of online assessing platforms. Coupon Codes

I was interested in knowing if offered coupon codes and discounts during its online run, but I was disappointed seeing that the shop did not have discount offers to help mitigate its high product costs.

The shop, though, offered free shipping for its consumers with orders starting from $300. Buyers skipped paying for regular shipping fee for the products when their orders reach the set amount and forgone paying for the “delivery insurance” because of their purchase amount.

Freebies and other deals, though, were not found even on archived information for CVS Pharmacy or Toronto Drug Store.

Conclusion is another scam site shut down by the United States government. The shop was closed down by the authorities since 2013 and it is probably because it simulated the famous CVS Pharmacy but offered illicit, counterfeit medications which could jeopardize the consumers’ health.

It is sad that I was unable to find data for C-v-s-pharmacy from anywhere on the web—no consumer reviews, independent site testimonials, blogger reviews, and domain assessments exist for for some reason. Because of the shop’s closed and seized status, I am forced to rate this site 1 out of 5.

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