Press "Enter" to skip to content Review – Apparently A Scam Pharmacy Main Page Main Page, as the domain name advertises, is an online drug store based in Canada. I found the time to check it out recently. “About Us” told me that this pharmacy store circulates generics, as well as Brand name drugs, which was already obvious with a quick glance at the store. The pharmacy’s mission is to provide cost-efficient and high-quality medicines amid rising costs. I learned that Canadian Drugs 24 was established about a year ago.

This pharmacy follows the pattern of many Canadian stores in not requiring intending buyers to provide a prescription. I didn’t find that out in the “Questions” section but I took that to mean it’s not an issue. Later on, towards the end of my research, I confirmed it is a non-issue as far as is concerned because there was no way to fill in prescriptions.

The “Questions” section also made me realize that the majority of this store’s medications are manufactured in India and shipped from that country. This disclosure was part of the answer given to the question of whether Canadian Drugs 24 stocks FDA-approved drugs. I also noted that they placed emphasis on approval by India’s FDA. Their stock includes gastrointestinal, antiviral, anxiety, diabetes, asthma, pain relief, and erectile dysfunction drugs. Both OTC and prescription drugs.

I zeroed in on the pharmacy’s erectile dysfunction menu. On this menu, I found Brand name Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra. 48 pills of Cialis cost $208.34 at $4.34 a pill and the same amount of Viagra costs $200.92 at $4.19 a pill. American Express, MasterCard or Visa Credit Cards and eChecks are the accepted payment methods although I could see a bitcoin seal. Following payment processing, orders are delivered by airmail shipping in 2-4 weeks or by EMS Traceable courier in five to seven work days. makes it clear that they can’t cancel orders or refund payments after they’ve been processed. Trying the customer support numbers was my next action. The robot said my call couldn’t be completed at the moment and referred me to online customer support. I sent a message which hasn’t been addressed. Reviews

When I was done with customer support, I turned my attention towards finding and analyzing the experiences of consumers posted on the site in “Testimonials”. There are a lot of them and I have selected a few which you can see in the picture below for the sake of this review. Testimonials Testimonials

Mohammed Farooq wrote to inform Canadian Drugs 24 that he had received his package the previous day. In his review, he also thanked the staff and a certain member of the staff in particular for their “continuous coordination and support for customers”. He really appreciated the services of the pharmacy.

Another customer named Kevin Logan, like Mohammed, received his package. He wrote to share that with customer service and intending customers. He also expressed his intention to return presumably to order a refill. Or maybe a different product. “I look forward to doing business with you in the future”, he said.

The last review I will highlight is from Jenny K. Schuster. She was just as effusive in her praise for as the previous two reviewers. She similarly expressed her thanks and appreciation for the presumably smooth shopping experience. Jenny Schuster added that she “would recommend” the company to anyone who asks.

The reviews above reflect the general tone of the customer reviews on the website: Positive and effusive. Positive and effusive reviews on a seller’s site are prone to hyperbole and I always read them with skepticism. This may be a marketing ploy. It was truly surreal to discover these very reviews without even the slightest modification on other online pharmacies. An obvious con job. While I was able to see through the scam, it was disheartening to find out about it. Reviews 2016

With that in mind, I have made a practice of searching the WebSphere for current reviews on a seller’s website and on sites that review online pharmacy businesses. I did so for Canadian Drugs 24 but all efforts to locate new and uncompromised reviews on the website and elsewhere on the Internet proved abortive. I really needed to get independent endorsements of the business. My last option was to examine the site through the lenses of Legitscript and Scamadviser. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The report produced by said that this Canadian vendor is located in the United States. Its attempts to trace the origin of the website proved inconclusive. There is a one percent chance it originated from the Russian Federation, a two percent chance it originated from Canada, and an eight percent chance it was created in the US. This informed Scamadviser’s Low Trust rating and safety score of 6%. is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

Legitscript determined that does not meet its Internet Pharmacy Verification standards and is, therefore, a Rogue Internet Pharmacy. Based on these reports, I was convinced I couldn’t take the risk. Coupon Codes

As I made that decision, I caught site of some mouth-watering discount offers on This vendor offers free airmail shipping for all orders over 200 US dollars and free EMS courier shipping for all orders over 300 US dollars. The store’s charm offensive does not end there. It adds two free pills of Levitra, Viagra, or Cialis with every order and takes up to fifty percent off the initial cost for purchases of larger packs. In addition to all of that, you get a five percent discount code for all future purchases. Discount Offers Discount Offers

It’s always great to find discounts like these but the deceitful nature of the customer reviews left me unmoved. If only they would try to actually earn the trust of their customers instead of engaging in sharp practices, it might be a different story.


That was my experience on This website places no prohibition on ordering your desired prescription and generic medicines if you can’t produce a prescription. The bulk, if not all, of the pharmacy’s products are manufactured and exported from India and have Indian FDA approval. I learned that this scam pharmacy accepts payments through the regular channels. The security status is untrustworthy. I decided against ordering my prescription drugs from when I couldn’t decide if the duplicate reviews were an innocuous marketing ploy or not. Scamadviser and Legitscript’s assessment hastened my decision. I give this pharmacy 1 out of 5 stars.

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