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Cheap Pills Review – Specializes in Generics and Low-Cost Branded Drugs

Cheap Pills Homepage
Cheap Pills Homepage

Cheap Pills is a large online pharmacy network that provides low-priced medications with the same quality as those which are sold at the local pharmacies. For this reason, it is popular among customers because of the savings that they get while purchasing high-quality generic medications. Yes, Cheap Pills specializes in selling generic meds which has the same active ingredients as the costly brand-name drugs. Cheap Pills promotes the use of generics to its customers for them to save more money and be able to buy more of their needed medications. Since these generics are sourced from drug manufacturers in countries where raw materials and production costs are low, Cheap Pills is able to put customer-friendly prices on their products. Buyers are encouraged by Cheap Pills to take advantage of these offers since generic medications work just as well as how the branded drug works and buying generics can save for up to 90% of what the customers usually spend for their drugs.

Just like the local pharmacies, Cheap Pills has a wide selection of drugs to choose from. From allergy and antibiotic drugs up to diet pills and women’s health meds, they have it all covered for their clients. Although it promotes the use of generic medications to its clients, Cheap Pills also have a selection for brand name meds. And what’s good about its branded medicine selection is that these are also cheap, only a few dollars pricier than the generic assortment of medications. Clients who are looking for low-priced drug brands can get them at Cheap Pills’ network of pharmacy stores.

Cheap Pills Reviews

A customer from Germany by the name of David was just thankful because he received the medicines that he has ordered. But with what those meds are, David did not mention anything except that he extends his thanks, his wife’s and also his room’s. We could say that the meds that he has ordered are for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and that he ordered Viagra or other ED brands that were effective and great when he used them. With this thankful review from David, we could also say that he managed to save quite a fortune in buying his ED pills from Cheap Pills because the prices of ED pills at local pharmacies would reach for up to $80 USD per tablet.

Cheap Pills Reviews
Cheap Pills Reviews

Michael who is also from Germany has done his research. He navigated and checked other sites and came to a conclusion that the prices are the best at Cheap Pills. With the low costs of medicines, customers will be able to maximize the value of their money, saving while purchasing more. He also encourages others to buy from Cheap Pills because of the great quality of medications that he got. Michael has already made four orders and he has received them all with no delays.

Cheap Pills Online

It may surprise buyers to find other pharmacy domain names with the same appearance as Cheap Pills but they have nothing to worry about. These are only replica sites that were made by Cheap Pills to catch more traffic but all the orders and all the transactions are still processed on its main server.

Cheap Pills Network Domain
Cheap Pills Network Domain

All of these sites are synchronized to Cheap Pills’ server and customers won’t see any discrepancies or differences in their prices, information, and other details within each site. With more replica and network sites under it, Cheap Pills is able to reach more customers and provide them with quality meds.

Cheap Pills Coupon Codes

To help its buyers get more savings, Cheap Pills offers to waive shipping fees to customers who will be able to order medicines worth over $300 USD. The fees that will be waived is for the express mail service which usually costs $20 USD.

Cheap Pills Free Express Shipping
Cheap Pills Free Express Shipping

Instead of paying this fee, buyers with orders worth more than $300 USD will have their purchases shipped for free via the express mail service. Not only that but buyers are also entitled to freebies each time they order. They will get additional pills with their order from Cheap Pills, free of charge. All orders above $200 USD in total amount also get a discount of 10%, a good amount of money for savings.

Cheap Pills Phone Numbers

Buyers that need assistance simply need to contact the hotline numbers provided by Cheap Pills on the upper left part of its homepage. For customers from North America, the number to call would be +1 718 487 9792 which is a toll-free hotline. But for the customers from other countries, the hotline to call would be +4420 3239 7092 and international charges apply to this number. Customers can call in whatever concerns they may have and the customer support representatives of Cheap Pills would be providing them comprehensive answers to their queries. For those who prefer to have an easier way of ordering, orders can be made through the phone where the customer representatives will be assisting them from selecting the meds up to the payments and shipment.

Cheap Pills can also be reached through email by simply going to its Contact Us page and filling in the forms. Its email team is also ready to respond anytime, always on standby to customers who will be asking questions through email.

Cheap Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Cheap Pills respects its customers’ privacy and would never make unsolicited calls or emails. These valuable data that the customers have provided are also kept confidential by Cheap Pills and not shared with other websites. The only time when Cheap Pills would send an email to its customers is as a confirmation of their payment or as a response to the message that they’ve sent. As for phone calls, Cheap Pills would only call its customers upon request when updating them regarding their order status.


Cheap Pills is a pharmacy network that has multiple domains under its name to reach more customers and to provide them with high-quality meds at cheap costs. Although it specializes in selling effective generic medicines to its customers, it also sells low-cost branded drugs for the buyers that prefer to purchase them. It has also received decent reviews from customers, praising its effective meds and cheap prices. Overall, Cheap Pills has a rating of 5 stars as a pharmacy network. For other sites like it, check our top list of recommended providers.

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