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Cheap Rx Review – Quality and Fast Delivery are Guaranteed

How long a pharmacy network been operating functions as a way of determining how good it is. For the case of the Cheap Rx drugstore network, we can confirm that it is really good. The store has managed to stay operational for a period that exceeds 2 decades. If the network was never good, it would have lost its value a long time ago and become bankrupt. However, the store has managed to gain even more clients such that the number of people buying from the store as of 2018 exceeds a million.

There are two things that we have noted after checking what the pharmacy network previous users are saying. What has motivated these people to keep ordering from the store is the cheap prices and the fast delivery. We always tell our readers that there are some scammers who have discovered that they can con more people by building websites which have the same look and feel as that one of the Cheap Rx pharmacy network. Therefore, it is always nice to be mindful about the web addresses you use to load any of the Cheap Rx pharmacy websites. This is the only way to avoid being scammed on a pharmacy website that looks like Cheap Rx but is being run by people who neither care about your health nor how much you need to save your money while you still get to take home genuine meds.

Cheap Rx Reviews

If a pharmacy network has a large number of people praising the services it offers to them, then that is the kind of pharmacy network you would want to use. We have gone through all the customer testimonials available on the web for the Cheap Rx drugstore network. We have not found a single comment that says the network is bad at doing its work.

Cheap Rx Reviews
Cheap Rx Reviews

As we had mentioned earlier, Cheap Rx med store network focuses on speed and quality services. The above reviews confirm this. Samuel says that the shipping was speedy. The Cheap Rx team did not just leave him in the darkness without him knowing when the meds would arrive. They always informed him of the progress. This has made Samuel use the pharmacy network for several years.

Sarah experienced a rare service. She has never experience both fast and courteous service from an online store before. Her product was delivered to her in Spain without any delays. The customer service department and the shipping made Piter happy such that he will be placing another order in one of the Cheap Rx drugstore network pharmacies.

Cheap Rx Online

You will have the ability to get both prescription and over the counter medications at the Cheap Rx network. Just as the network name suggests, these meds will all be cheap. People who need prescription meds usually find it hard and a waste of time to go to the doctor to get a prescription script before they place their order even though they already know what they need and how to use the meds. Cheap Rx helps these people by delivering prescription meds without a prescription script. While people may think that this is against the law, this is not true. This is because the Cheap Rx pharmacies only stock FDA approved meds. They don’t stock any narcotics or addictive drugs.

Cheap Rx Homepage
Cheap Rx Homepage

This pharmacy stocks both generic drugs and brand name drugs. There is no difference between brand drugs and generic drugs functionality. Both versions have the same active ingredient. All of the meds are affordable. Here are some of the products you will get and their prices:

  • Brand Viagra which will be sold to you at a price of $70 a pill in the local stores will cost you $2.56 at any of the drug stores registered under the Cheap Rx store network.
  • Propecia is as cheap as only $0.51 a pill.
  • Levitra will cost men suffering from erectile dysfunction a mere $1 per pill.
  • Amoxil is worth $0.39 a tablet.
  • Propranolol will cost you $0.27 per tablet.

Bestsellers which are largely composed of erectile dysfunction meds, hair loss meds, and some other prescription meds are featured on the front page of each of the pharmacy network websites.

Cheap Rx Coupon Codes

Cheap Rx pharmacy network is aware that people want to save their money while buying meds using coupon codes. They have therefore invested in creating their own codes. The codes are HZ-4725 and IL-9158. We have confirmed that both codes work and they will always allow you to save 10% on your meds. Other discounts are available in the form of free pills and free shipping:

Cheap Rx Shipping and Pills Offers
Cheap Rx Shipping and Pills Offers

If you manage to buy meds which are worth more than 200 dollars, you will enjoy free shipping. Every order is delivered to you together with some additional pills which you won’t be charged for.

Cheap Rx Phone Numbers

A pharmacy network that is easy to communicate to is a network that you can deal with quite easily. This is the main reason as to why the Cheap Rx network has invested in not one but two phone numbers. These are +4420-3239-7092 and +1-718-487-9792. They also allow you to send them an email using a contact form available on their contact page.

Cheap Rx Spam and Phone Calls

The fastest way to determine whether an online pharmacy network participates in spam calls and emails is to look for complaints on the web. Based on the fact that there are no complaints, we can conclude that you will not get any spam from Cheap Rx network.


Every piece of evidence available on the web shows that the Cheap Rx network deserves a 5-star rating. The pharmacy network has been in business for more years that the majority of other pharmacy networks. Through the years, the store network has managed to grow the number of customers they have from 0 back in 1998 to 1,000,000. This is something that cannot be achieved by offering fake meds and unsatisfactory services.

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