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With a tagline that says “We Care about Every Client”, is one of those online pharmacies that claim to have the cheapest medicines for your needs. For less than a $1, it seems like I can get my refill of Viagra hence I decided to check their website.

The website of has a very clean look. It has few tabs on top but without the About Us section. I would like to know the history of the site but found none. As for their location, I assume it is based in Europe as implied by the website’s name. has a lot to offer. They have ED drugs, antibiotics, and weight loss drugs among others. Their most popular medicines though are ED drugs and these are the first thing that visitors can see on their homepage.

If you are like me who is always after the cheapest medicine out there, is a website worth checking. Their Viagra pill costs $0.67 while a Cialis pill costs $0.89. The most expensive ED drug that the site offer is Levitra Professional for $4.59. All drugs offered by are generic medicines. believes that these generic medicines are as effective as its branded counterpart because these were created with the same active ingredients. In addition, generic medicines went through the same process in terms of safety, dosage, route of administration and efficacy, just like its branded equivalents.

Drugs offered by are from India. Being manufactured in India, these medicines are all Indian FDA approved.

At the moment, ordering from this online pharmacy is easy as they accept all types of credit cards. They accept Visa, JCB, and MasterCard. When an order is placed, will only process the charge once the order is shipped. As long as an order has not been processed, customers can cancel their order. In a case of a mismatch between the actual charge from and your bank statement, be aware that your bank might have added an extra charge. has two modes of shipping orders. They offer Registered Mail Service and Express Mail Service. This online pharmacy offers international shipping. For the Registered Mail Service, the order can arrive within 10 to 15 days (with tracking) and 15 to 30 days for those without tracking id. Express Delivery takes 15 days. The website didn’t indicate the price though for these shipping methods. So I decided to contact support to ask them about it. Contact Form Contact Form

Unfortunately, sending a query to is not easy. After trying to send my message multiple times, I gave up. It keeps on saying message sending failed.

For UK customers who want to contact through phone, you can call them through +4420 3129 5698. In a case of lost order, these are the same numbers to call so they can investigate what happened to your order. One explanation that the site has is that, perhaps, the order was sent in two or more packages. No clear policy on refund was discussed in their FAQ. Reviews

With no reviews to back up its claim of providing cheap and effective medicines, I cannot bring myself to order my Viagra from It is safe to say that I am not recommending it as well as on online pharmacy.

There is not much information about on their website and has no feedback from their previous customers. I am actually thinking that such websites are bogus and scammers. In addition, the fact that their “contact us” form is not sending is just another warning that I should stay from this site. Reviews 2016

According to, has a status of a “rogue website”. It means that it is undependable and dishonest. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

With this result from, I don’t think this online pharmacy do care about their clients at all.

The next thing I checked was the status of with The result of check shows that this site could be operating from Poland or China. I am actually thinking now that the medicines they have are Chinese-manufactured and not Indian manufactured drugs. Trust Rating Trust Rating

It also shows that visiting and using this website posts a 15% risk to users hence it comes with a “low trust rating”. Coupon Codes

Although I am no longer a fan of, I continued checking their site if they offer any promotion or coupon codes to their potential customers. Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer

Since I am looking for a refill of my Viagra prescription, I was surprised and happy upon seeing this promotion. If only I can take advantage of it!

According to their website, buying 60 pieces of Viagra pills can get me $14.42 savings while purchasing 120 Viagra pills will give me $55.21 savings. For bulk buyers who want to save as much as they can, they can order 270 Viagra pills and get $181 in savings plus Free Shipping. This really sounds great – if only it is legit so I can take advantage of it.


With a saving of up to $181 on a bulk order, I am almost tempted to try getting my refill of Viagra from However, it is the only information worth rejoicing about this online pharmacy.

The red flags I found about are the website’s lack of information, the absence of their office address, the lack of customer review or feedback and the low trust rating from These red flags are more than enough to keep me away from having a business with them. With all the red flags that this site has, I am giving it a rate of 1 out of 5.

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