Press "Enter" to skip to content Review – Not The Safest Pharmacy Out There But Worth A Look Main Page Main Page which is also known as Canadian Pharmacy Express has been around in the online drug store business since 2003. They erroneously indicate that they have been around for 11 years but it’s probably a typing error. Canadian Pharmacy Express, as the name suggests would ideally be located in Canada. They do not provide much information as to where they are located. According to, is based in the USA.

Canadian Pharmacy Express has a wide array of products at their disposal as displayed on the left-hand side of the website. The drugs range from anti-depressants to pain relief medication. There are also drugs for people who want to quit smoking. However, the main drugs evidently are ED drugs such as Cialis and Viagra. Viagra Gold goes for $1.97 per pill, Cialis black $2.33 per pill and Levitra Soft, 3.15 per pill among others.

Canadian Pharmacy Express insists that the drugs they sell are approved by the United States’ FDA and certified. They also indicate that the drugs are CPA approved and certified by American Quality. accepts payments in the form of Visa and Master Card as well as supported gift cards.

To contact customer care, I was required to fill a form indicating my issue and my email address. The website does not have a live chat feature but they promise that the contact line is open 24/7. Canadian Pharmacy Express ships worldwide to any address. In addition to that, you can track your shipment via the website where they have provided links for various locations in the world or you can contact their customer care. The shipping costs are based on the type of delivery you choose which vary from first class mail delivery (3-5 days), trackable courier (5-9 days) to unregistered mail (14-21 days). Shipping time, however, can be affected by holidays, weather patterns, or the destination country. The costs also vary according to the type of delivery: $35 constant for first class mail, trackable courier is free for deliveries above $400, unregistered mail is free for delivery above $300. Canadian Pharmacy Express refunds payments if goods are damaged or undelivered. Contact Form Contact Form

My attempt to contact customer support about the delivery details to Germany was not responded to despite the fact that they say that their customer support service is available 24/7. Reviews

Canadian Pharmacy Express has no online reviews on its website. There are no reviews from the various independent sites that do reviews for online pharmacies. It has no specified location in the United States or Canada where it is most likely to be located. Where they obtain their drugs is not specified on the website. Now, these are red flags and put the authenticity of such a website to the test but they also do not provide a basis to completely rule out the website. Normally, it is advisable to always buy drugs from an online store that has reviews to know what other customers experienced with the website.

Lack of such reviews means you have no way of knowing whether your money is safe, whether your personal data is safe or whether the drugs can cause ill effects. Always look out for independent reviews to be on the safe side Reviews 2016

I was curious to know how has been reviewed more recently in 2016. It has been reviewed by and it does not look good. According to, buying drugs from Canadian Pharmacy Express is not recommended. They go further to inform us that does not receive many visitors. The review goes further to tell us that the website has been reported as a scam by the people who have visited it and their lack of an SSL certificate can compromise the integrity of your data. Safety Level Safety Level

According to, Canadian Pharmacy Express is based in the United States of America. I found having the word “Canadian” in their title rather misleading but probably means that that’s where they obtain their drugs from. goes has a scale from high risk to safe and Canadian Pharmacy Express ranks around 80 per cent which means it is not such a bad site to visit. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The conspicuous disclaimer that has been threat listed however does not bode well with the safety metrics of the website. If you were to order any drugs from the website, you should be very careful. Coupon Codes has enticing offers and coupons for its customers. Canadian Pharmacy Express prides itself in not accruing marketing costs or paying rent hence it offers relatively low prices. Besides that, they have discounts on their shipping arrangements in addition to the coupons. To encourage their customers to buy more, they sell higher orders for pills at a slightly lower price range. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

A customer ordering 96 pills pays $4.26 per pill while a customer buying 32 pills buys them at $4.32 per pill. In addition to that, the customer ordering 92 pills has free air mail and EMS delivery while the one ordering 32 pills pays $20 dollars for air mail delivery and $30 for EMS delivery. All customers get 4 bonus pills regardless of the size of their respective orders.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that supplies a wide array of products to its many customers worldwide. There are no online reviews and hence no way of knowing how other customers felt about their products. The ED pills are reasonably priced but I would still keep looking for another provider. I give Canadian Pharmacy Express a 2 out of 5.

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