Press "Enter" to skip to content Review – Trusted Advertiser and Info-Site for Impotence Remedies Main Page Main Page is an affiliate organization to third party online pharmacies. As a potential buyer, I directly benefit by obtaining a large deal of information regarding impotent medications and conditions. The life imaged site offers me an avenue to explore all there is to know prior purchasing Viagra, ‘a highly effective drug for treating impotence’ as I begin my read. Perusing the pages, I get some enlightenment on the differences and similarities that exist in branded and generic versions of the drug; a question that troubles a good number of us due to the huge variations in the pricing of the two. A golden example would have helped in comparing the prices of the two; unfortunately, the site is not in a position to disclose the costs. Lucky enough! I get a hold of tips to consider before purchasing the drug. A must have a certified doctor’s advice and prescription as the site is cautious about my safety. The other viable tip I wish to bank is never to consume Viagra with other impotent treatment medicines and more so keep off it if I’m under nitrate containing drugs as it can lead to a drop in blood pressure.

Word by word I read through the’ Erectile Dysfunction’ tab to find out more that houses the noun. I get to see the signs of the disease and some of its symptoms as well. Feeling like I’m conversing with a physician, the well-stated paragraph further educates on other conditions thought to trigger ED. These include kidney diseases, prostate cancer, hormonal imbalances and injuries meant to harm the groyne. I also get to watch a short video on the same. Paying full attention to the second condition in the agenda, I take note of a disease (Premature Ejaculation) ‘affecting almost 25-40% of the population’ according to the statistics quoted by the site. It interferes with the sexual lives of the couples victimized. All are hopeful as the site advocates for Priligy, a drug well known to cure the ordeal with small chances of FDA approval. I ask myself if the condition is age related as ED…as I come to find out, it is not, in fact, it affects young adults as opposed to ED. Home remedies are also recommended as a way of minimizing dependency on the drug due to long term side effects on its users.

Completing my final sentence from the long disease-oriented paragraph, I see a disclaimer at the bottom of the page slightly above the 2006-2016 copyright markings. The disclaimer cautions me against taking the information displayed as a personal diagnosis as the site is not authorized to offer any medical advice. As it is my routine, (to appreciate of course) I head to its contacts. Only to find a statement stipulating ‘to share your experience with Viagra please send an email to [email protected] ‘.Since I’m yet to try the drug, I choose to contact it at a later date. How about viewing the said testimonials? Reviews

I’m greeted with two hours and counting review of a couple constituting of 65 and 57-year-olds. The two are said to be‘ in heaven’ courtesy of 25mg Viagra (consumed by the man) that they owe a happy sex life. Feedback Feedback

I get to see a 41-year-old who had gained a ‘better control’ after consuming 50mg of Viagra a wonder pill said to have cured his premature ejaculations. Peter, ’10 year user’ of Viagra and a 63-year-old, is testifying about having a happy sex life since he started using Viagra as it gets better with every use.

It is not unusual to view such positive comments on the site as the comments may be subject to manipulation by the site owners (my sentiments of course).The measures I take therein is to surf the web and see if users post only positive reviews to the site. Reviews 2016

My attempts in seeking reviews from independent sites fail until I decide to outsource from scam checkers in this case, (Scamner) as in business complaints from clients is the order of the day. Taking a sharp look at the results of my findings; is awarded a sheer 24% implying that the scamner does not recommend the site for browsing and buying. Safety Information Safety Information

The site is said to have been working for three years with a record of concealing personal information a good example being; the fact that is three years in business and operates from Sydney. Despite an extensive list of reviews from its site, the contradictory report states that the location is unpopular as visitors are seldom.

On second thought I make a choice of visiting the scam adviser for the final say, more importantly for the independent reviews. I interact with an existing report stating that the site is safe to use by rewarding it a 100% trust rate. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The site lacks popularity, a probable reason for requiring independent reviews from its customers. I make a smile as I proceed to the discounts arena hoping to laugh some more. Coupon Codes

Extraordinarily the site does not offer any coupon codes neither does it have discount offers, unlike other advertising sites. A plus for the location is the useful information it provides that I cannot take for granted. I tend to explain the situation from its neutrality in relaying information to users. As I recall a statement from the disclaimer, ‘the site does not have a drug inventory and does not sell drugs directly’ I feel some slight disappointment as I proceed to search for a true online drug store that allows my saving culture to take root.


I’m thrilled to have gained a valuable amount of insights on impotence courtesy of My experience with the site was exceptional making me skew to the Scam adviser’s report of rewarding the site 100% despite its unfortunate popularity from the Scamner. I can’t afford to ignore transformative testimonials as they prove its excellent reputation. As a token of appreciation to the site, I give it a rating of four stars. I encourage all of you to book an appointment with the site before shopping the regular importance pills from online vendors.

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