Press "Enter" to skip to content Review – An Online Generic Pharmacy with High Prices Main Page Main Page is an online drugstore selling high-quality generic medicines. The pharmacy is located in Vancouver, Canada. It partnered with different pharmacies from Europe, Asia, and/or North America. Their manufacturers are duly licensed by the following regulatory bodies; Food and Drug Administration USA, Medicines Control Agency UK, Therapeutic Goods Administration Australia, Medicines Control Council South Africa, National Institute of Pharmacy Hungary, Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention, State Institute for the Control of Drugs, Slovak Republic, FDA India and European Medicines Agency. The store offers a wide variety of prescription medicines including drugs for erectile dysfunction, diabetes, asthma/COPD, osteoporosis, acne, eczema/psoriasis, glaucoma, air loss, allergies, birth control pills, and smoking cessation drugs. The pharmacy commits to giving up to 80% off of US pharmacy prices for their consumers. The prices are a bit high compared to other online pharmacies. The generic brand of Sildenafil 100mg costs around $3.25 USD per tablet. It is a bit pricey compared to other generic Sildenafil which only costs around $1.50 USD or even lower. requires a valid prescription upon ordering.

The mode of payment accepted by the pharmacy isn’t stated from their website, same as the shipping methods and shipping fee. I think that they are utilizing UPS for shipping. However, the pharmacy guarantees a 21 day delivery for each order placed.

Product returns are not feasible, following strict pharmacy rules and regulations. However, if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the products received, re-shipping of a refund may be considered by the pharmacy. All refunds are available in US dollars.

The customer support team is available through their toll-free hotlines, e-mail, or you may leave a message ticket from their website. Reviews

Customer feedbacks from were gathered and most were all in favor of Customer Experience Customer Experience Consumers Report Consumers Report Review Review Testimonial Testimonial

An unnamed customer said that he/she was “completely satisfied with the transaction”. No further details about his/her experience were narrated based on his comment.

An “online shopper” left a comment saying “When I’ll get my order, I will now better”. The comment was vague and I could not understand if it implies a good or a poor review for the pharmacy. Probably, it is about the accessibility on how to navigate the site that he was referring to.

Jerry said that the website is “easy to navigate”.

Lastly, Armand was very pleased with the pharmacy and said that he is a “very satisfied customer”. Reviews 2016

Recent reviews for were also gathered from and It is a combination of good and bad experiences from previous customers. Customer Experience 2016 Customer Experience 2016 Consumers Report 2016 Consumers Report 2016 Reviews 2016 Reviews 2016

An “online shopper” said that it was his first time to use and the “ease of ordering was very easy”.

Bill was a bit dissatisfied and he gave several suggestions for the pharmacy. First, he said that the shipping should “expedite”. Second, “more than one credit card” should be utilized by the pharmacy. I think that the customer didn’t have a satisfactory experience with regards to the delivery time and the payment method.

Another “online shopper” is “anticipating a good experience” from the pharmacy. He said that a colleague referred him to use the services of the pharmacy.

Diesel had a short feedback and he said that the pharmacy offers “easy ordering”.

Lastly, another “online shopper” had a bad experience from the first time he ordered from the pharmacy. He said that the “shipping was slow” and he is expecting a better experience the second time. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy classified as a Rogue Pharmacy. This means that the website may have violated federal rules and regulations pertaining to the selling and dispensing of drugs using the internet. Thus, please think twice before dealing with this online pharmacy. We cannot see the exact storage and warehouse, plus the main headquarters and we do not know their protocols pertaining to good storage and distribution practices. We do not want to compromise the quality of the products we are getting in favor of a good price offered by an online store. Coupon Codes

Currently, the online pharmacy offers special deals for osteoporosis medicines. Discount Offer Discount Offer Discounts Discounts

Osteoporosis medicines are being sold with 80% off of US prices at the moment. However, I think that the pharmacy should offer more discounts and special promotions since their prices are a bit high compared to other pharmacies selling generic medicines. Moreover, they offer mostly prescription medicines which are very costly.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy selling FDA approved generic medications across Europe, Asia, and/or North America. The website has very limited information about certain policies about the drugstore.

I am giving this pharmacy 1 out of 5 stars because of the lacking vital information from its website. First, the payment methods accepted by the pharmacy were not clearly stated. I assume that they are accepting credit card payments at the moment based on previous customer reviews. Moreover, shipping methods and shipping fee were not fully stated. It has a combination of good and bad reviews from previous customers. Although the website seems to be easy for ordering, some customers experienced very slow shipping and some are still anticipating a good customer experience. Also, the prices of the drugs from the pharmacy are a bit high compared to other online pharmacies selling generic medicines. Special promotions and packages offered were also very limited. I think that the managements should focus on giving attractive discounts especially that their prices are a bit costly compared to others in the industry. Lastly, the online pharmacy has been classified as a Rogue Pharmacy by

I strongly advise consumers to look for a more trusted website with good online reputation before doing transactions.

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