Press "Enter" to skip to content Review – Just Another Online Pharmacy Claiming to be the Best of its Field  Main Page Main Page is an international online pharmacy, claiming to be the top online pharmacy amongst the numerous other web pharmacies. Although the store did not say when the store was actually incepted, the shop asserted that its “online network of pharmacies” is one of the first ones to sell generic medications on the web. There is no clue where the store operates from or where International Pharm sources and ships out its products.

Instead of the usual long list of typically found on online drugstores, has its drugs arranged in alphabetical order. Medical categories served by the meds are also posted on the domain, and the store listed erectile dysfunction, anxiety, skin care, herpes, pain, acidity, men and women’s health, and several others are the ailments catered to by the meds of the store. International Pharm also posted its “weekly bestsellers” and during my visit, the shop has Cialis, Retin-A 0.05%, Abilify, Colchicine, Bentyl, Diamox, Wellbutrin, Lamictal, and several others as its popular products for the week. No prescriptions are needed by the clients to order prescription medications from the shop. But, like all the other online stores with the no-Rx policy, strongly encourages the clients to consult with their doctors before ordering and taking any product from the store, especially clients with existing medical conditions.

Both generic and brand name over-the-counter and prescription medications are available in the store. Erectile dysfunction medications are available in generic and brand-name form. As for the impotence medications, the clients can buy at least 10 pills of the Cialis 10 mg (generic) for $39.95 or $4 per pill, you can buy at least 10 pills of the Viagra 100 mg for $54.95 or $5.50 per pill, and you can buy 10 pills of the Levitra 10 mg for $49.95 or $5 per pill. Although International Pharm sells the products for at least 10 pills each, the individual pill prices for these products are relatively more expensive than the usual online pharmacy prices for the same products. Other stores are able to offer these meds for as low as $1+ per pill, unlike International Pharm’s price of $4.00-$5.50 per pill.

The shop offers two shipping options for its clients, the airmail delivery and the express shipping option. However, the store only offers the regular airmail delivery to most of the countries of the world, as the express shipping option is unavailable in most territories. The regular option costs $10 per transaction. As for the payment options, International Pharmacy accepts VISA, Discover, and MasterCard credit cards, as well as E-checks.

Buyers are encouraged to contact the support team using the phone numbers and the contact page in cases of orders not arriving in 3 weeks after the shipping date. offers to re-ship products at no extra charge for failed deliveries. Reviews

As with all the online pharmacies I’ve visited, I looked for buyer testimonials for International Pharmacy as well. However, the store did not have reviews accessible on the web, although I’ve scoured the web for reviews. The store did not have buyer commendations from any of its previous buyers, which indicates poor popularity on the shop’s end.

The lack of reviews signifies poor marketing strategies on the shop’s end but it also signifies a lack of reliability for the store. Having no reviews means that buyers don’t trust the shop for their medical needs, so the store, International Pharmacy, is most likely a scam store. Reviews 2017

Using other online platforms, I checked the status of the domain, and I was not pleased with what I saw. Here are the results of the analyses for Trust Rating Trust Rating

According to the Scam Adviser result for International Pharmacy, the shop is considered a rogue online shop with a low trust rating. The score given to is just 17% out of 100% and its real location is hidden by its owner. The shop’s age is identified to be 5 years. is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website is also discovered by Legit Script as a rogue pharmacy. This rating, by far, is the lowest Legit Script could offer to any online pharmacy. The rogue rating means that the shop has issues concerning its domain and may not be trustworthy enough. Coupon Codes

International Pharmacy offers discounts to clients with large order sums. Orders greater than $100 are given 5% discount, orders greater than $200 are given 10% discount, and orders greater than $300 are given 15% discount. Discount Program Discount Program also gives free shipping for buyers reaching a certain order amount. Besides the discounts and the free shipping, freebies are also awarded to clients on their every order. Special Offers Special Offers

An additional 15% discount is also awarded to clients who are on their second or further orders. I am not sure if this discount may be used in conjunction with the other discount offers from the store.

Conclusion is just another online pharmacy claiming to be the first or the top on its field. The store offers the same products found on any online drugstore, although the store presents its products in a rather different arrangement.

Both generic and brand-name products are accessible in the shop, but I did not like the store’s prices for the erectile dysfunction meds since they were higher than the common online pharmacy prices for the same products.

Another bad point for is its lack of reviews—I would never, under any circumstance, trust an online store without external references or web mentions, because the dearth of reviews indicates a lack of reliability on the store’s end. My score for 2 out of 5.

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