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Online Pills Review – A Pharmacy Network that People Have Trusted for Over 17 Years

Online Pills is what you can call a drugstore network. This means that it is not just a single pharmacy site. It is in fact a collection of sites which resemble each other and offer the same medications and services. These websites have the function of making sure that the Canadian pharmacy limited which operates them has bagged a bigger share of the internet traffic looking for somewhere to source cheap medications. When these sites manage to bring in more people, this means that the Canadian Pharmacy Limited is getting more customers. The sites in this network will have the following look:

Online Pills Website Design
Online Pills Website Design

The first thing you will notice on the site is the huger name “CANADIAN PHARMACY”. This tells you that the drugstore network operates from Canada. In Canada, there are regulatory bodies which ensure that online pharmacies are operating legally. These are CIPA and MIPA. If Canadian Pharmacy Limited which operates this drugstore network is legal, it should have accreditation from these bodies. We checked and confirmed that it is accredited.

We have noted that you will find some pharmacies on the web which have the above look but are not genuine. These are stores which are trying to get easy money by ripping off people who have been using Online Pills to get their meds. When you end up on one of the scam sites by mistake, you will not realize it until you order your meds and never receive them. To stay away from these scammers, stick with web addresses you are sure of. Avoid random ones.

Online Pills Reviews

We searched for the consumer feedback to make sure that Online Pills offers its customers quality services. We found reviews and one thing which surprised us is that even after serving for close to 2 decades, Online Pills has never wronged any consumer. There are no negative reviews for Online Pills. To prove this to you, we have some of the reviews here:

Online Pills Reviews
Online Pills Reviews

A good pharmacy network should invest in a great customer service department. According to Jacob, Online Pills has a great customer service team. They managed to help him solve his problem when the website failed to process his order. He enjoyed a fast service. The delivery was quick although he used regular shipping.

Apart from sending Alex’s drugs fast, they offered him a great selection and kept him updated on the shipping progress. For all these reasons, Alex says that he likes this drugstore network. The drugstore network always made sure that medications reached Mark in France within a period of 10 days. The customs never held his meds and hence he was able to gain access to them immediately. The meds had great quality.

Online Pills Online

Being an international drugstore network, it is essential for the Online Pills drugstore network to have a way that can make it easier to get meds even if you don’t understand English. The sites in the drugstore network offer 5 languages that can be changed quite easily. Also, the sites have more than 15 currencies. This eliminates the need to do manual calculations and currency conversions.

In all other stores that operate online, you will be forced to create an account before you can be allowed to check out your meds. This is not the case with the Online Pills pharmacy network. You won’t be required to log in or create any passwords. This is convenient since it will save your time.

Another thing that makes people love to order their meds from Online Pills is the fact that no prescriptions are needed. You will get all your meds without a prescription script even if they need to be used with one. The only thing that this pharmacy network advises is that you use only meds you know how to use. If you get a medication you are not sure about how it should be used, you can consult a health professional before using it.

Medications are delivered using Airmail shipping. This takes about 2 to 3 business weeks depending on where you live. The shipping costs only $9.95.

Online Pills Coupon Codes

We tried looking for coupon or promo codes which can be used at any of the Online Pills sites but we could not find any. However, when we navigated the sites in this drugstore network we realized that there is no need for a coupon code. You have all the chances you need to save as much money as possible. Here is one of the offers available on the sites:

Online Pills Special Offer
Online Pills Special Offer

Note that a pill of Viagra will cost you 70 dollars in the local stores. A pill of Cialis will also cost you 70 dollars in the local store. Therefore, getting 10 Viagra pills and 10 Cialis pills at only $46.16 is a huge discount. Other offers include free bonus pills and free shipping for orders costing over $200.

Online Pills Phone Numbers

There are two phone numbers that anyone can use to call Online Pills drugstore network. These are either +4420 3239 7092 or +1 718 487 9792. You can also send an email using the contact page form. The pharmacy network team replies to emails within a period of 24 hours.

Online Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Online Pills is not associated with any cases of spam calling their customers. They also don’t send spam emails. The only time you get their email is when they want to communicate something very important about your order.


Online Pills drugstore network respects their customer privacy. This is the reason they only deliver medications in concealed packages. The drugstore network ensures that you get your drugs. If you don’t get them, they will reship for free. For people who are new to ordering their meds on the web, using Online Pills is a valid choice. This is because it is the easiest to use drugstore we have found on the web. We rate Online Pills 5 stars.

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