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Online RX Review: A Trusted Online Network Specializing in the Sale of Affordable and Effective Medication

Online RX is a network of pharmacies that has won the trust of many due to the sale of cheap, yet effective medications since its establishment in 1997. All the websites stock the same variety of prescription and over-the-counter medications that are sourced from reliable manufacturers all over the world. To make it easier for their customers to buy medications from the Online RX networks, a prescription will not be required for the purchase of any drugs. Customers who wish to buy from this online network find it hard to recognize the pharmacy they are buying their medications from but the most important factor is that all the sites that are run under this network are legitimate.

Online RX Reviews

Customers who have been sourcing their medications from Online RX have testified of the effectiveness of the medications. They are also happy that they will only pay a fraction of the price that the drugs would have cost if they bought from local pharmacies, yet the quality has not been compromised. Charles from Deutschland says he was able to save more when he bought his medications at Online RX instead of going to a local pharmacy. He is also happy that he was able to get a free gift with his order. David from Germany says that Online RX delivered his medications on time and the pills were very effective.

Online RX Customer Reviews
Online RX Customer Reviews

Michael is another happy customer who says that after navigating through different online pharmacies, he settled for Online RX and he can’t be happier. The drugs are of high-quality, the prices are affordable, and the delivery of the order was timely.

From the reviews above, it is evident that Online RX is a reliable online pharmacy that supplies very effective medications and also ensures that the prices are affordable.

Online RX Online

It is very difficult to identify which pharmacy a customer is dealing with as all the sites have a similar template. Online RX network comprises of several websites that are characterised by a homepage that looks the same and you will not be able to tell the difference without looking at the web address. The websites also sell the same drugs whose price is the same and whichever site a customer will choose to buy from, the same high-quality service will be offered.

The drugs that are sold by Online RX have been approved by FDA and other health bodies that control the quality of medications in different countries. A customer buying these drugs can, therefore rest assured that the drugs will work perfectly just like the drugs sold on local pharmacies.

To make it easier for their customers to locate the products they wish to purchase, the pharmacy has displayed the best-selling drugs at the homepage and also a list of all the medication that are available at the Online RX networks.

Online RX Store Sample
Online RX Store Sample

Online RX Coupon Codes

Online RX offers great offers to their customers to ensure that they pay the lowest prices for their medications. One of the coupons will allow customers who buy drugs worth over $200 to have the drugs delivered without paying the shipping fee. In addition, every customer who orders from Online RX will get free pills with every order. Below are some of the discount coupons available at Online RX website:

Some of the Discounts Offered by Online RX Network of Pharmacies
Some of the Discounts Offered by Online RX Network of Pharmacies

Besides offering huge discounts, the pharmacy has ensured that the prices for all the drugs sold are very low and has also been able to ensure that the drugs are of the best quality so that they will effectively offer relief to the various complications that their customers could be suffering from. Over one million customers annually place their orders at the pharmacy due to security and the privacy that the pharmacy guarantees them. They are sure that no third party will be able to access any information entrusted to the pharmacy.

Online RX Phone Numbers

Online RX has provided phone numbers through which one will be able to contact them whenever a need arises. These are:



Whenever you call the above numbers during working hours, you will be able to talk to the customer service representative and get the help you need, either with the ordering process or any other issue regarding the drugs purchased at the pharmacy.

There is also a customers’ form that is available at the pharmacy’s website where you can put down the message you wish to pass to any of the pharmacy’s networks and the customer service staff will send a response through your email address on the form. This ensures that a customer who has an issue that he would not be comfortable discussing on phone can put it down and send it as a message. Below is a photo of this form:

Online RX Customer’s Contact Form
Online RX Customer’s Contact Form

Online RX Spam and Phone Calls

There is not a single complain regarding unsolicited calls or messages from the customer service team at Online RX pharmacy. Online RX is also not entangled in any scam and every customer who has had a chance to buy drugs from them only has positive reports regarding the pharmacy. Their delivery is timely, and the drugs work as they should to offer relief to the customer. Online RX does not have any record where a customer failed to receive his medications or one where the customer received the drugs in poor condition. This means that they ensure that they have packaged the drugs well enough to protect any damage while in transit.


Online RX has proved to be a reliable source of drugs online, having filled more than 1000 000 orders since its inception. The drugs sold by Online RX network of pharmacies are very effective as it has been confirmed by the customers who have been purchasing drugs from them. The pharmacy should, however, ensure that they have optimized their site so that any customer who keys in the work Online RX will be redirected to the pharmacy. If this is not done, their customers are at risk of being spammed by other pharmacies that may crop up after searching Online RX which may negatively affect the pharmacy. Online RX ensures that they handle customer’s orders with all due diligence and dispense only what has been ordered and due to this, we give them a 5* rating.

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