Press "Enter" to skip to content Review – Drugshop with No Visible Online Presence Main Page Main Page is an e-pharmacy that goes by the name “365 pills”. It has a very simple website; so much so that it hasn’t exactly disclosed its exact operating location. It’s located outside of the US with support staff based in Europe and the United States and has been in operation for the past six years. OvernightPharmacy4U main offerings are erectile dysfunction drugs. Viagra costs $0.77, Cialis costs $0.99, Levitra $1.99, Kamagra $1.72 and Priligy $2.62 (all per pill).

It admits that its products are not FDA approved but their quality and standards are set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). All payments are protected by SSL software which uses encryption technology. Payments can be made by VISA or MasterCard. There are two shipping methods; regular and express. Express Shipping takes 5-9 days and costs $29.95 whilst Regular shipping can take as long as 21 days and costs $9.95. Items are not shipped to Canada, Germany, Sweden and several other territories because their laws prohibit the entry of these items.

I attempted a conversation using their OvernightPharmacy4U real life chat platform but got no response and waited about ten minutes. I didn’t check to see if there was a time window in which to chat where responses would be guaranteed. There is a contact form that customers can fill out and toll-free numbers for US, UK and Australian customers to call. Refunds are only issued if the order is not delivered as promised. Live Chat Live Chat Reviews

I was shocked to notice that there were no past reviews. Wow, what is there to say more than I am not surprised? When I first visited the website I used my iPad, (but I guess in the mobile mode it’s not actually very user-friendly) but it was the most simple User Interface you would ever use. It was white and very basic, so much so that I wanted to exit the website immediately.

On the FAQ page, Overnight Pharmacy 4 U claims that you can find reviews for them on Google, however searching Google doesn’t yield any results for the business. The organization is basically non-existent except for its own site. In an age where information is basically at our fingertips why is it that this organization is a ghost?

If there are neither independent reviews or reviews on the seller’s site then what is the modus operandi of this business? How do we know if they are genuine or not when no reviews exist? What are we to assume that it is safe to buy from Overnight Pharmacy 4 U? Reviews 2016 Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

The best way to review a questionable organization is to check it on LegitScript and scam adviser.

It’s labeled as a “rogue” pharmacy with a low trust rating. Trust Rating Trust Rating

In a globalized world, there should at least be reviews on Facebook and other social media. This business existed for 6 years yet there are no reviews. How is it possible for a business to be in operation for so long and not have an established web presence? Coupon Codes Discount Offers Discount Offers

Overnight Pharmacy 4 U has really good discount offerings. 10% off all re-orders, money back guarantees, and free delivery. In trying economic times, these are excellent incentives to get penny hoarders to enter the credit card details. Everyone loves a good deal.

These pills are not cheap so 10% off for loyal customers would encourage me to be a return customer. Shipping is usually expensive. On Overnight Pharmacy 4 U website, we observed that shipping costs were $29.95 and $9.95 so any customer would be appreciative of the free shipping offer. The money back guarantee is another incentive that would make me want to purchase here as I am guaranteed my money back if I am not satisfied and I am very difficult to please.


I am skeptical about with a just cause. They have no visible reviews for any prospective customer to verify their legitimacy. This is as big peeve for me as I usually make purchases based on how products and sellers are reviewed. I will only be willing to purchase an item or choose a supplier if they are rated four stars and above.

It is impossible for a business not to have an online presence in 2017. Persons are often excited to post reviews on the Internet or their social media pages. For instance, persons who have had good experiences are often willing to post about the quality of service and products received. However, clients who have had bad experiences usually take the opportunity to lambast organizations on every website that they could. The fact that reviews are not forthcoming is a big red flag and makes me question whether or not anyone has ever purchased from them.

I would give this company a 1-star rating for They have no reviews, there is no stated specified location and they are listed as a threat and rogue pharmacy. I advise prospects not to spend their money on this website. Also, it must be reiterated that their products are not FDA approved so you will be trying them at your own risk.

What is really disturbing is that this organization preys on unsuspecting men desirous of having a better sex life. I will not be purchasing from them and I advise clients not to if they want to retain their money and protect identity info.

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