Press "Enter" to skip to content Review – 15-year-old Store with no Buyer Mentions Main Page Main Page is an online store dedicated to the sale of anabolic steroids and similar products. The shop’s name gives its purpose away, as well as its store description and its product roster. The shop operated since 2001 (at least that is what its earliest records say), but is now an inaccessible store today. Pharmabolic’s website has been taken down by the hosting company—during my recent visit to the steroid store, the domain was taken over by the hosting company, Tucows Inc. This means that the store must have failed to renew its contract with the company, thus its domain being canceled by the hosting service provider.

According to, it is a certified supplier of anabolic steroids, anti-estrogens, human hormones, and other products from the companies British Dragon, Asia Dispensary, Eurochem Laboratories, Eco Oils, Euro Hormones, and several other brands. The store records for did not state where it operated from; the shop merely had information for its products and bodybuilding question and answers. Concerning the products available on the shop, the store has products for weight loss, skin care, herpes, genital warts, allergies, sexual health, headaches, and others, besides its hormones and bodybuilding products. Of all the items on, the most popular products include Masteron 3 mL, Deca Durabolin, Nandrolone Undecanoate 3 mL, Testosterone Enanthate 3 mL, and several others.

Since I am not really interested in hormones, I looked into the retrieved records for Pharmabolic and searched for erectile dysfunction meds for males with impotence. The store offered Caverject, Cialis, Silagra (Sildenafil Citrate), Silda (Sildenafil Citrate), and Viagra. According to the retrieved prices for the products sold on, its generic Cialis 30 mg costs $77.38, while its Viagra from Pfizer (100 mg) costs $123.80 for 4 tablets. All of the products on Pharmabolic were bought by the clients even without prescriptions, so the consumers were able to secure any of Pharmabolic’s products despite not being able to require prescriptions. However, it is not really surprising that the shop did not ask for prescriptions because I doubt that it is even legal for any online store to sell steroids and hormones, to begin with. Doctors prescribing steroids and several other products on require a special license, so it is amusing that the shop is able to dispense steroids and similar products freely to it paying clientele.

Buyers were able to pay for their orders on using credit cards, Western Union, bank transfers, and MoneyGram. Concerning the shipping, charged its clients approximately $17 for shipments to the United States, Canada, Europe, and other locations. The shop, though, did not have any information for refunds and reshipments for seized, lost, or damaged orders. Reviews

Although the store, Pharmabolic ran for several years (its earliest records date back to 2001), the shop did not have buyer comments for its service. It is amusing that a shop with a long selling history had no reviews from forum websites and independent review websites. Review Review

There was one mention of the store, though, from on October 2015, from a user named “muhmin_786” who asked about the shop’s credibility. The user asked if anyone on the forum was able to try out Pharmabolic, but no one replied to his inquiry.

Because of this, we’re still in the dark when it comes to the integrity of this former web steroid store. Reviews 2017

Since the shop’s now closed, we can’t really expect to find reviews for this shop for 2017 and onwards. The store,, though, has records from renowned pharmacy checkers such as and, so I was able to get a few details for the shop’s domain. Here are the results of the analyses for is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website

Sadly, Legit Script gave only a “rogue” rating or the lowest rating any store could have from this website. There may have been issues for the credibility of the shop, so the store was not recommended by Legit Script. Trust Rating Trust Rating was also awarded a low trust rating by Scam Adviser, and this shop was given a low score of 0 out of the possible 100 points for its reliability. Although the age of the shop was determined as almost 16 years, the shop was identified to have a rogue label, just as Legit Script determined for the shop. Also, this store was linked to a number of malware reports, suspicious websites, and high-risk countries. On top of all that, the shop’s owner used a service to hide his real location, which made the store even more dubious. Coupon Codes

There were no coupon code offers on, even from its past records. However, the store offered discounted prices for some of its products. Special Prices Special Prices

As shown on the image above, the online store offered at least 10% discount for bulk purchases of some of its products. The shop, though, did not offer free shipping or free pills like other online stores.


Pharmabolic is just another closed online shop which shipped out various products but mostly anabolic steroids, hormones, bodybuilding paraphernalia, and several general health products. The shop is admirable for its lengthy operation, but it is unusual that this store did not have web mentions or references, even from bodybuilding forums. Because of this and because of the shop’s untimely closure, I am rating this store 1 out of 5.

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