Press "Enter" to skip to content Review – Customers Should Look Elsewhere Because the Website No Longer Exists Main Page Main Page was an online pharmacy that sold a variety of drugs. There was no information as to the date when it was established, even the year. The location of its offices, if it would have anywhere they kept inventory or store drugs, was not also provided on the website. The website was quite simple but looked unfinished. However, it was effective in giving a customer a good first impression. It is worth mentioning that the website is no longer available as it has been shut down.

Planet-drugs-direct as I stated earlier had a wide variety of drugs that they sold to their customers. Among the categories of drugs that they sold included erection packs, anti-fungal drugs, anti-viral drugs, antibiotics among many others. It also had a list of bestselling drugs. Nevertheless, I got the impression that the site concentrated on Erectile Dysfunction drugs more than the other drugs. Ten 100mg pills of Viagra go for $59.95 and ten 20mg pills of Cialis had their price not specified.

The website had kept us in the dark over whether the drugs it sold were FDA approved or approved by any other recognized body in the world for that matter. had not indicated the forms of payment it accepted for orders made on the website. I was disappointed to find that did not have a live chat to interact with the customer. However, there were phone numbers that you could call when you had an issue to sort out with PlanetDrugsDirect. The phone numbers are +1 760-284-3222 for the US and +44 203-286-3820 for EU based customers.

In addition to that, there were no shipment details on the website. There was no information on the ways in which the orders are shipped to customers, the average time it took for the orders to arrive at the customer’s premises and the cost of shipment. At this point, I was very skeptical of as a reliable and honest pharmacy when it existed. I was interested in knowing whether there was a refund policy. I was not surprised to find that there was no existing refund policy on the website and I did not bother to call. Reviews

Skeptical as to whether satisfied its customers when it was still around, I went on to look up whether there are reviews. Unsurprisingly, Planet Drugs Direct had no online customer reviews on its own site. On looking up some independent review sites, I found none with reviews of Planet Drugs Direct. I had no location indicated on the website. Whenever I buy drugs from an online store or any product for that matter, I have to skim through a couple of customer feedback reviews. They give a clear image as to the authenticity of a website. The lack of reviews cast more doubt into my mind and I realized that this may have been a scam website meant to hoodwink innocent buyers. I would not recommend ordering from Planet-drugs-direct if it came back to the market because there was no way of knowing how its services were or how safe the drugs were.

I decided not to risk my money and would advise other people to buy elsewhere. Reviews 2016

In addition to customer reviews, I am always ready to check how credible a website is using scam analyzing websites like scamadviser. It is an independent website that checks the reputation of a website based on details such as location and customer visits and red-flags the scammers. Website Not Active Website Not Active

The results on on the state of came promptly. As I had been aware of, is no longer active. was shut down and doesn’t exist anymore hence the many information gaps. Coupon Codes

PlanetDrugsDirect used to offer its customers some coupons to entice them to buy more and repeatedly. There were a few enticing offers as well meant to convince the customers to buy from them by saving costs or getting free services such as shipping. This is necessary nowadays due to the level of competition. was pretty generous as well. 10% Discount 10% Discount

Planet-drugs-direct offered a 10% discount for all the orders made subsequent to the first order. This was to increase the level of repeat buying and loyalty of customers. There were free Viagra pills for every order you made on the website. Free Pills and Free Shipping Offer Free Pills and Free Shipping Offer

Now, this was very generous but the only problem was that you may not have needed Viagra when you are making an order. Perhaps it would have been more convenient to have the free pills being the ones being ordered. For all orders above $200, there was free shipping. This free shipping applied to all destinations of consignments. These offers were encouraging and lured in some customers.

Conclusion site is not available on the internet. I have no idea whether it was temporarily shut down or completely shut down. Perhaps it wants to have a do over. However, based on the lack of vital information, I wouldn’t buy drugs from the website. It seems suspicious that they do not have a website in the first place. From the look of things, it has been away for some time.

The prices on the ED pills used to be quite reasonable and the offers of free shipping and free Viagra were enticing. However, it was the absence of shipping details, the cost of shipping and duration of shipping that cast doubts even before you delve into the offers and coupons that Planet-drugs-direct offers. There was probably no refund policy as well when it existed. I would go elsewhere for my pharmaceutical needs. Based on these factors, I would like to rate a 0 out of 5.

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