Press "Enter" to skip to content Review – Vendor That Needs Customer Feedback to Be Considered Main Page Main Page is an online platform that is vending generics at low prices. The store gets its supplies directly from the manufacturers located in India which accounts for the low prices of these drugs. The majority of the products available at Pure Tablets are generic in nature. The company deals in a lot of drugs such as hair care, acne treatment, weight loss, hair loss, men’s and women’s health, etc., but the primary drugs available at PureTablets are related to erectile dysfunction. No prescription is required to order drugs from this company. Pure Tablets has failed to provide any information about its location or the year when it first started working. The only thing known about this website is that it dispenses drugs from Indian companies and these drugs are approved by the Indian FDA. While evaluating the prices of generic medications offered at PureTablets, I found that 100 mg of generic Viagra is being sold at 3.6 US Dollars per pill which is not the lowest price of Viagra I have ever come across.

For making payments, the options are quite limited and include Visa and Visa Electron. Two types of shipping services are offered. The regular shipping service charges 20 US Dollars and takes more time i.e. more or less three weeks. The faster postage service can be availed if the customers want to get their medications quicker. However, the rates might increase. Pure Tablets has also failed to mention the exact charges for the fast shipping service on their website. The website is quite clear about not accepting returns, but it can refund the product if the customers are not happy with the products, which is quite contradictory. The staff at PureTablets can be reached via email or by dialling 1888-243-9421(US) and 0845-862-3377(UK). Reviews has been able to successfully receive a lot of customer responses on independent reviewing websites. In order to judge the authenticity of this drug store, I decided to check these reviews.

Sean was a happy customer who said in his review that he took a combination of medicines to make his own “super Filagra”. He further mentioned about his experience that Silagra started working in 30 minutes while duratia took another hour to work. The customer said that this combination provided to be “much better” than Super Filagra as it worked faster. He regarded it as his “magic trick”. Customer Experience Customer Experience

Jay was not satisfied with the store and said that Pure Tablets was “a little pricier” than the other stores. Jay did mention that he was up for quality though and ordered his P-Force tablets from Pure Tablets only.

Another customer regarded PureTablets as a “wonderful pharmacy” as their drugs are “great” and they have made his life “awesome”.

Phil gave a full rating to PureTablets and said that “you get what you order” from this website.

The reviews seem to be quite good and indicate PureTablets as a good drug store. These testimonials are present on a reputable review website. Hence, there is no doubt about them being fake. Reviews 2017

I was able to find some reviews given by customers for PureTablets in the year 2016. Some of them are discussed below.

The first review has been made by Bernard from Sweden who said that Pure Tablets had a “good service” and he just received his order.

David Fortle also thanked the store for sending him his desired medication. Customer Experience 2017 Customer Experience 2017

Isabella from Texas thanked the store and said that she was glad that she switched from the “branded recommendations” which has caused her to save a lot of money.

John B. Luton from London said that Pure Tablets had “fast delivery” and “discreet shipping” and mentioned that he would definitely come back.

Lastly, Mark living in Australia said that his order “arrived on time” and that Pure Tablets had “good service”.

I appreciated the fact how PureTablets managed to receive so many positive reviews even in 2016 before I came to know that they are restricted to the official website of the store only. I cannot trust these reviews anymore as these comments could have been manipulated or changed by the owner as per his own will. Coupon Codes

There is only one offer that is currently present on as far as discounts are concerned. This offer is also not so attractive and tells about a way in which clients can avail free delivery for their orders. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

Pure Tablets has mentioned that if a customer buys medications with a total worth of more than 200 US Dollars, he is automatically given a free delivery. It has not been specified that which company will be used to deliver the parcel for free.

Conclusion is a standard pharmacy which is appreciable for the fact that it has good reviews from the customers’ side regarding its services and goods. Because these reviews were found on an independent website, I can completely rely on them. However, the company still needs to work on its discount section as the only offer it makes is insufficient. Moreover, it also needs to have recent customer reviews to steer clear the doubts about its most recent performance. I would give this store 2 out of 5 and say that customers can consider buying ED drugs from here if they have no better option.

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