Press "Enter" to skip to content Review – E-Shop Shut Down by the Government due to Illegal Activities Main Page Main Page is a government-seized website and today, there is nothing on its site but a message from the US government, stating that is seized by the government pursuant to a warrant issued by a local US court. This government message for is actually peculiar, as this time, the message stated that has been involved specifically in dispensing Rx drugs without prescriptions and counterfeit drug trafficking. Also, the Office of Criminal Investigations – US Food and Drug Administration Cybercrime Investigations Unit (CcUI) also offered to give more details for the domain seizure by allowing consumers to contact their department at [email protected]

According to the records available for on the Web Archive site, the shop’s domain was seized by the government since 2013, so the shop functioned until 2012. The earliest records for the store indicated that it operated since 2004, but the store’s international license number was issued May 2007. The shop operated from Texas and also claimed to be licensed by the Texas Board of Pharmacy.

There are some observable details on the web archive site for Rite Aid Pharmacy, although some of the images are not able to load. Based on the available data for the store, the products formerly sold by Rite Aid Pharmacy are products for men’s health, pain relief, antibiotics, antidepressants, mental health meds, sleeping aids, cholesterol medications, and several other products. The famous products on, though are generic impotence products (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other variants), plus Human Growth Hormone, and Ultram.

As for the prices of its most popular products, its Viagra was sold for as low as $1.85 per pill, Cialis was sold at $1.75 per pill, Levitra was sold at $2.50 per pill, Human Growth Hormone was sold at $43.37 per unit, and Ultram was sold for as low as $0.99 per pill. The store did not ask its consumers for the provision of the appropriate prescriptions, hence its classification as an unapproved and illicitly operating web pharmacy.

Since the store’s now closed, I failed to check how much the store asked for its shipping, although it was indicated on the shop that the store had two shipping options, the EMS or express courier and the regular airmail delivery, which is the default shipping method used by most online drugstores. Payment methods honored by the store included VISA and MasterCard credit cards, as well as E-checks.

The consumers were only advised by Rite Aid to contact the support team using its ticketing system, as the store did not advertise its phone numbers and email. Reviews

Reviews for Rite Aid Pharmacy are not available from third-party sources, but there are reviews available on-site, from purported consumers with good experiences with the shop. Here are some of the testimonials available on Reviews Reviews

According to Thomas Mann from Germany, his wife purchased sexual health medications for “fun” and he was glad that they worked.

Stephen Freiman, on the other hand, related how he found Rite Aid Pharmacy when he was looking for a place to purchase reliable meds from for his sore throat which never went away. He mentioned purchasing Zithromax from the shop and thanked for the effective medication.

More comments are still accessible for Rite Aid Pharmacy, but since the feedbacks are only from the shop, they are not considered as 100% reliable and therefore should not be taken at face value. Reviews 2016

Because it is difficult searching Rite Aid Pharmacy reviews on the web, I used the services of several reliable online platforms to verify the domain status of is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website

Overall, the rating of Legit Script for Rite Aid Pharmacy is “rogue”, or the lowest possible rating for any online platform. According to more details on the report, Legit Script evaluated and found that it did not meet the legitimate pharmacy practice standards.

As for its age, was created in 2011 and the store’s domain expiry was set in September 2015. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scam Adviser also detected a rogue status for Rite Aid, similar to the status given by Legit Script. According to the details for Scam Adviser, the store’s age is almost 5 years and that the domain is linked with several high-risk websites and is operating from a high-risk country. Coupon Codes

According to the past data for Rite Aid Pharmacy, the store offered free shipping for consumers with orders of 3 or more products and also for consumers with orders starting from $300. Bonus Policy Bonus Policy

Buyers with orders worth $300 are also given free insurance or guaranteed reshipments for their orders. However, consumers with orders less that the amount are given the option to pay for their insurance.

Conclusion is now closed—the shop today has a message from the United States government that it was a site involved in the illicit distribution of counterfeit products. The store was also known to dispense meds without prescriptions, which is flagrantly illegal as well.

Although Rite Aid Pharmacy is recognized as a seized domain, the shop did not have complaints from its former consumers on the web. The store, though, did not also have consumer commendations for its service. My rating for this closed shop: 1 out of 5.

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