Press "Enter" to skip to content Review – Suspended Vendor with Scarce Information Available Main Page Main Page is a closed vendor that had been running with a different name i.e. as mentioned on its official web page. The company seemed to be running since the year 2001 and dealt in different drugs including anti-depressants and erectile dysfunction medications. Each of these drugs had been claimed to be FDA approved. The company also sued to provide free consultation to its valued customers. The price per pill of 50 mg Viagra here was around 12 USD, a price too high to afford.

There was nothing mentioned about the delivery service used to ship the products to the destination. However, the shipping could be tracked and reached its destination in one day as said by the store. Visa and Master Card were to be chosen for making payment. I was unable to derive any information about refund policy. The store had not provided any contact number or live chat option and customers had to fill a form and send it to the company in order to get answers to their queries. Reviews was not found to have received any customer reviews. it is strange to know at first if a pharmacy is totally lacking user reviews, but can be justified by the fact that Rx List is no longer in action. Customer reviews serve as the backbone of any online pharmacy as they are a proof of the company’s good or bad reputation. It can be judged via these reviews whether a pharmacy is efficient in performing its duties and if all the claims that it makes are true. Most importantly, the testimonials given by the customers are a proof that the drug store is not fake and it is operated by an actual company that welcomes customers and serves them with the utmost respect. Because RxList has been closed down, it might be possible that it was scam store in the first place which was visited by no one and it eventually got suspended. Whatever the reason might be, I would call this drug store suspicious and would say that if it were still in operation, I would have seriously questioned about its existence. Reviews 2016

Rx-List had also not received any reviews in the year 2016. I had seen this coming for it is very difficult for a store which is generally lacking in customer reviews to have them in the most recent years. For me, the only way to find out more about this mysterious drug store was to check it online via reports analyzed and compiled by Scamadviser. Trust Rating Trust Rating

According to Scamadviser, Rx List had been termed as a safe website where customers can easily buy drugs from. The scam spotting software had given it a high rating of 78 percent that indicated that the customers could buy from this store with ease. Scamadviser had said that it had no clue about the popularity level of this store. Safety Information Safety Information

RxList has been given a low trust rating of 6 percent according to Scamner as well. Scamner has detected that the domain that had been in use by this company had a few email and it did not seem to be a professional. It even detected that Rx List site had no SSL certificate, so the customers that used to have ordered from here had compromised their data. In the end, Scamadviser suggested that the website had not been safe for browsing and buying drugs.

According to the reports presented by Scamadviser, Rx List seemed like a trustworthy store but Scamner had quite opposite reviews. This means that the status of Rx-List is still not confirmed and it seems that it had been considered as a suspicious website throughout its entire span of operation and even after its closure. Coupon Codes did not seem to be generous with its customers as I was unable to find any discount offer as I went through its official website. The website had not been considerate for once to offer discounts to its valuable customers. Discounts make up for an important part of a pharmacy website and the customers always look forward to saving money by using these offers. A store that does not offer any discount offer is generally thought to be irresponsible. Again, I had sensed this coming from RxList because it had already disappointed me several times and I had not been hoping for something big from it.


To conclude, I only have to say that if there is one thing I have realized after searching thoroughly for, it is that the website seriously lacked in providing a lot of information. The website itself did not have much information either about the company or about its different policies and services. Moreover, Rx List had not received any customer review during its working which seemed quite strange to me. There were no coupon codes offered here as well. The reports presented by Scamadviser and Scamner seemed to be clashing and making the status of Rx List even more suspicious. For all these reasons, I would give this store 1 out of 5 and would say that this store has rightfully closed as it had never been a good choice for buying ED drugs.

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