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Securetabs Review – Low-Priced Meds Accessible Here

Secure Tabs is one example of a pharmacy network—a kind of a website group composed of several similar-looking online pharmacies. Maybe you’ve encountered specific network pharmacies with the same appearances but with different addresses and may have dismissed the experience as merely déjà vu. However, websites like these actually exist and are actually preferred by clients due to their ease of use and their cheap product prices.

Secure Tabs Network Website
Secure Tabs Network Website

Network pharmacies like Secure Tabs may intimidate buyers at first, but buyers will soon learn that these website “arms” are actually legitimate and provide real service to the consumers.

So, how do these network drugstores work? Online drugstore networks function as order gatherers for their main website. These web pharmacies do not have the capacity to process orders individually, hence the need to forward the orders to the primary website. However, even if this is the case, the transfer is seamless and buyers won’t notice that they are actually dealing with the main website instead.

Securetabs Reviews

To be able to determine if the Secure Tabs network stores have performed wonderfully during the past, we checked available customer reviews for the Secure Tabs network sites. Here are some of the customer comments we’ve been able to track:

Secure Tabs Customer Comments
Secure Tabs Customer Comments

Consumers were generally pleased with their overall Secure Tabs experience. Leeroy from Italy mentioned that he’s successfully ordered from Secure Tabs multiple times through the years. According to him, he did not wait long for his orders to arrive, unlike the usual online pharmacies where orders take ages to arrive.

Charles, on the other hand, mentioned that he was able to save immensely by using Secure Tabs for his drug needs. He also mentioned that the specific Secure Tabs store he used even gave him freebies when he ordered.

Like Charles, Jessica also cited that the Secure Tabs store she transacted with had excellent prices for the products he needed, allowing her to save much money for her meds.

Overall, customers had a positive reception for Secure Tabs and have published only positive comments for the web drugstore network.

Securetabs Online

Secure Tabs online pharmacies all look the same, which means that if you take a closer look at one Secure Tabs store, it would mean that you’ve already dissected the other Secure Tabs online stores.

According to the pharmacy network, it has started its operations in 1997. This is something commendable considering most online pharmacies were only incepted recently and also because most earlier founded online networks are now inactive.

There is no information about Secure Tabs’ actual location, but the network bags accreditations from various Canadian online drugstore associations, which indicates that Secure Tabs is possibly located or registered in Canada. Secure Tabs has approvals from CIPA and MIPA and is also a member of Pharmacy Checker, a renowned online association of legitimately functioning online pharmacies (or pharmacy networks).

As for the popular products on Secure Tabs stores, consumers can find the following:

  • Medicines for gut health
  • Fertility treatments for males and females
  • Impotence medicines
  • Heart medicines
  • Diabetes drugs
  • Blood pressure regulating products

Customers are allowed to purchase their medicines from Secure Tabs stores even without providing the necessary prescriptions. This is considered OK since all of the products found in Secure Tabs stores are not addictive or habit-forming.

Payment options honored at Secure Tabs stores include VISA and MasterCard credit cards.

Securetabs Coupon Codes

Secure Tabs customers are in for a treat—the network is currently running a special 10% discount promo using the code IT-4572 which buyers may enter during checkout. There are no special instructions or criteria for buyer eligibility for this coupon code, so buyers of all order sizes may use the code.

Secure Tabs Discount Code
Secure Tabs Discount Code

Apart from the discount code though, consumers are also given the following deals by all Secure Tabs stores:

  • Free pills – According to the Secure Tabs network stores, customers are entitled to at least 4 pills of their choice (Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra) whenever they order from Secure Tabs. However, buyers with larger orders are entitled to more freebie pills.
  • Bulk order discounts – Buyers with large orders of the same product are given decreased prices for the meds. Customers can save considerably when they purchase more of the same item at any Secure Tabs store.
  • Waived shipping – Customers are offered waived regular shipping fees in case their orders reach above $200. Buyers with orders more than $200 are also offered subsidized shipping rates for the express shipping option.
  • Special discounts – There are special discounts available to consumers with orders greater than $200. Buyers are offered up to 10% off their orders.

Securetabs Phone Numbers

In case buyers have inquiries, they can reach out to the Secure Tabs customer support team using the following numbers:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

In case buyers do not want to converse with customer support reps, there is a messaging option available for the consumers.

Securetabs Spam and Phone Calls

Buyers usually fear spam messages and spam calls from online pharmacies. This isn’t the case for Secure Tabs though—the store had no complaints about its performance and the network had no links to illegal online activities, much to our surprise.


The online pharmacy network Securetabs is a seasoned drugstore network that connects international clients with cheap but effective medications for a plethora of medical uses. Buyers can purchase their medicines at Secure Tabs without providing their prescriptions, which makes it hassle-free to secure their medicines from the store. This isn’t worrying though since no narcotic or scheduled drug is found at Securetabs. Overall, our rating for Securetabs is 5 out of 5.

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