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Texaschemist Review – Pharmacy Network with Genuine Generic Drugs

The majority of people are moving away from sourcing their meds in the local stores to ordering the same meds on the web. The meds are over 90% cheaper. It can be quite confusing when you use different domain addresses and end up on websites that look exactly the same. The stores will offer the same meds, they will have the same contact number, and they will have the same layout. If the sites look like the one indicated below, they are part of an internet pharmacy network known as Texaschemist.

Texaschemist Pharmacy Network Homepage
Texaschemist Pharmacy Network Homepage

Simply put, an internet network is a collection of domain names or what is largely referred to as domain names by people which load the same website. The domain addresses are usually owned by a valid company that holds the license for operating these drugstores. The stores are usually legitimate. As we have indicated, the owning company has a license and it is usually operating within the confines of the law. The problem is the scammers who create fake pharmacies which resemble the real ones. This makes it harder to be safe when you are buying your drugs from the online pharmacies. However, if you use web addresses which have been tested, verified, and proven to be safe, you will never have any troubles.

Texaschemist Reviews

You can only be sure about how a pharmacy operates by reading what the customers are saying after they have shopped and tested the medications they receive. Texaschemist pharmacies have been in operation for more than 12 years. This means people they have already served have something to say about the experience. Here are some testimonials to give you a nice idea of what kind of services the pharmacy network offers:

Texaschemist Testimonials
Texaschemist Testimonials

After ordering his Viagra from one of the websites in the Texaschemist drugstore network, the first reviewer was happy such that he wants the company to resend him the order details so that he can re-order again in the future. The second reviewer received his product 4 days after it had been dispatched. The service he got was excellent. He indicates that the pharmacy can use the letter as a recommendation. The final reviewer received his product and he is thankful for the prompt delivery. He says he will be ordering the meds again from Texaschemist pharmacies.

Texaschemist Online

Time is extremely important. Therefore, if you are going to order meds quickly on the web and receive them without too much delay, that would be an awesome idea. This is exactly what Texaschemist pharmacy network offers. Ordering your meds will take you a very little amount of time. This is because the Texaschemist pharmacy sites are very simple to use. Everything is straightforward. Time is also saved by the fact that you will not need to fax in your prescription. You can get any medication as an over the counter drug.

The pharmacy does not have a search bar or an alphabetic search tool to help you to narrow down to the drugs that you need. This is because they don’t have a huge catalog. All the drugs they sell are listed in the left-hand column on each of their pages.

If you happen to place your order and then realize that you made a mistake, you will have the ability to cancel the order within 10 hours. If you cancel after 10 hours, your product will still get delivered and you won’t get a refund. The company indicates that if you find the meds are ineffective, they will be happy to accept your return and also offer a refund for the medication. The pharmacy indicates that if your product does not arrive within a period of 10 to 17 days, they will be happy to offer you a refund. They indicate that the refunds may take up to 7 days to allow time for custom checking.

Texaschemist Coupon Codes

Don’t waste your time looking for the Texaschemist drugstore network coupons on the web. You will not locate any. However, you will be able to find a ton of discounts on the Texaschemist websites. A good example is the discounts that you get when you purchase your meds in bulk.

Texaschemist Bulk Buying and Free Shipping
Texaschemist Bulk Buying and Free Shipping

You will notice that when you by 120 tablets instead of 90 tablets you pay $2.08 for a pill instead of $2.33. Buying in bulk will also allow you to not pay for shipping. As long as the medications cost at least 200 dollars, the shipping is free. Also, when you are ordering for the second time, you will get a 5% discount. When you order for the third time or more you will get your price reduced by 7%.

Texaschemist Phone Numbers

There are three main methods of communicating with Texaschemist. These are via the phone, via the live chat, and through the email. The telephone number to use is +1-702-965-3395. Their live chat button is available at the top of their page. Their email contact form is available on their contact page.

Texaschemist Spam and Phone Calls

There is nothing online that indicates that any of the pharmacies in the Texaschemist network sent their customers emails prompting them to re-order or even called them without a solid reason. Therefore, when you order from the pharmacy, you should not worry about getting spammed.


You will come across numerous pharmacy networks on the web. We cannot guarantee you that all of them are real since some of them are being run by scammers. What we can guarantee is that as long as you use the correct domain address for the Texaschemist pharmacy network, you will receive high-quality medication and services. After conducting our research on the pharmacy network we have determined that it offers high-quality services, quick delivery, and the medications you get will work just fine. If you don’t receive your meds, you can request your refund. This should appear within 5 to 7 days in your credit card statement. For all these reasons, Texaschemist network deserves a 5-star rating.

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