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Trust Pharmacy Review – A Pharmacy Network Stocking over 27 Categories of Meds

Trust Pharmacy is not a single online drugstore. It is a network of online pharmacies which all work for one company known as the Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. The sites that form the Trust Pharmacy network have the same look and they sell the same meds. Since the store network started operating which was back in the year 2001, it has managed to grow its customer base to over a million people. This they have done through honest dealings. This has made their customers love them and keep coming back for more meds. Some of the reasons that people feel advantaged while ordering from the pharmacy network include the following:

Top Qualities Observed in the Trust Pharmacy Network
Top Qualities Observed in the Trust Pharmacy Network

The sites guarantee the users of their security, privacy, quality products, the best prices and delivery which is always guaranteed. As you will see in the reviews we will be looking at in just a moment, you will notice that all the above has proven to be true for different customers from different parts of the world. One thing we always want to let you know before you go ahead and use any online pharmacy that calls itself Trust Pharmacy is that the med stores that scammers have created resembling the Trust Pharmacy sites are numerous. For this reason, you need to really cautious to make sure that you don’t get scammed without knowing.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

We have spent a significant amount of time trying to locate the reviews related to Trust Pharmacy websites. We were somehow surprised by the fact that even after serving for more than 17 years, the pharmacy network has not gathered any negative reviews. All the comments we came across where positive. To act as proof, here are some of the comments:

Trust Pharmacy Reviews
Trust Pharmacy Reviews

The Trust Pharmacy network sites have already managed to distributes their meds to countries such as France, Deutschland, and Ireland. Irrespective of the location to which they are delivering the meds they always ensure the drugs arrive on time. Alex confirms the meds were delivered very fast, Mark confirms that for the two times he has ordered, his meds were always delivered within a period of 10 days and he did not have to deal with the customs. The drugs had the quality he was looking for. Andy confirms that the services offered by the Trust Pharmacy network were fast and quick for her.

Trust Pharmacy Online

Trust Pharmacy network sites are famed for the hassle-free ordering. The common online medication sellers available nowadays will force you to create an account before you can order. This wastes your time. Ordering from any of the Trust Pharmacy stores does not involve registering an account. You also don’t need to send in a prescription for your meds to get shipped. This makes things even easier. Looking at the following simple design that the Trust Pharmacy stores have you will realize why over a million people are ordering their meds here:

Trust Pharmacy Home
Trust Pharmacy Home

First, ordering even for someone who has never ordered drugs online is a breeze. Second, the drugs are organized in a total of 27 categories. You will get exactly what you want quickly using the Alphabet search or the search bar. The support department is always available 24 hours 7 days a week. Your queries will get handled regardless of when you call in.

Payments are handled on a 100% secure site. You get redirected to a site that utilizes a 256-bit security system at checkout. The Trust Pharmacy stores don’t have diverse payment options. You only have the ability to pay via either a VISA or a MasterCard. From what we can gather, these are the most popular credit cards and people usually prefer to pay using them since they give them the ability to dispute the charges made. The Trust Pharmacy sites usually load very fast which is an important factor since no one wants to be stuck waiting for a site to load. Also, you will have the ability to order your meds using either a mobile phone or your computer. The site has a very mobile-friendly website.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Coupons are currently not available for the Trust Pharmacy network. However, once you add your drugs to the cart, you will get a lot of offers. We added our meds to the cart. Here is what we found:

Trust Pharmacy Sample
Trust Pharmacy Sample

First, there are free pills to take home. You choose between Sildenafil citrate (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), and Vardenafil (Levitra). You will always be guaranteed of free shipping when your order exceeds $200. Also, you will always get a 10% price reduction when your order cost exceeds 200 dollars. Pills also reduce their prices when you buy in bulk.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

There were two phone numbers being advertised on all the Trust Pharmacy sites. The phones are +1-718-487-9792 for the United States and +4420-3239-7092 for the United Kingdom. The other method of communicating with the customer support department is through email. The stores have a contact form integrated into their contact page. You can use this form to send your email.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

After searching on the web for a long time, we could not locate spam reports. The pharmacy network does not have any reports of orders that never got processed or orders which failed to get delivered. The store has never delivered damaged goods or incomplete packages.


Trust Pharmacy is one of the many pharmacy networks available on the web. However, this network has a difference. It has great comments, a large number of customers, and cheap prices. Being based in Canada, the fact that it is approved by CIPA and MIPA is another confidence booster when you are thinking of buying your meds from the pharmacy network. The fact that the store is easy to use, does not require a prescription script, and there is no reason to create an account while ordering shows that it is a great pharmacy network. This is a network we have to rate 5 stars.

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