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Trusted Tablets Review – Looking for Shops for Cheap Meds? Try Trusted Tablets!

Trusted Tablets is an example of a pharmacy network. It has long been operating and fulfilling buyer orders for affordable yet high-quality medicines, products which are directly sourced from renowned pharmaceutical companies all over the world.

When we say pharmacy networks, we are talking about groups of online drugstores with similar appearances and with different web addresses. Unlike regular drugstores that individually process orders, members of online pharmacy networks just gather orders from clients then send the orders to the main website for processing.

Like “normal” online drugstores, network pharmacies are just as easy to use. Consumers are also safe to use these networks, except for the fact that they may inadvertently run into scam operators with dupes of these legit online pharmacies. Because of this, buyers are advised to do their research on the stores they plan on using so they can establish their safety first and keep away from illicit online pharmacies. Despite the risk, though, network pharmacies like Trusted Tablets are still highly recommendable due to their efficiency and ease of use.

Trusted Tablets Reviews

To establish whether Trusted Tablets is indeed trustworthy or not, we checked online buyer accounts which touch on the service of Trusted Tablets websites. Here are some of the ones we’ve encountered online:

Trusted Tablets Client Reports
Trusted Tablets Client Reports

Reviews for Trusted Tablets are actually a bit redundant since most of the buyers just confirmed that they have received their medicines from the store. Clients like Stewart wrote to validate that he indeed have received his meds from the shop. He even added that the drug he bought from Trusted Tablets was effective and were cost-effective as well.

Glenn also wrote to commend Trusted Tablets’ products—according to him, the generic pills worked well and that he will soon order from Trusted Tablets because his stocks are running low.

David had a brief comment for Trusted Tablets that failed to detail his order’s status. However, he mentioned that he will endorse the network to consumers who are looking for places to purchase affordable generic products.

Trusted Tablets Online

Trusted Tablets is a fully online mail-order service with a focus on selling generic medicines to consumers looking for high-quality yet affordable replacements for their otherwise expensive brand name medications. Customers usually bought medicines for impotence, ADHD, depression, skin diseases, and plenty others from this network, since Trusted Tablets offered the most lucrative prices for these products.

According to Trusted Tablets, buyers can order their meds on the shop even without registering an account, although they are required to produce the prescriptions for whatever items they need to order. They should send the prescriptions via email, snail mail, or fax or else their orders will be canceled.

Trusted Tablets Storefront
Trusted Tablets Storefront

Buyers usually purchased the following medications at Trusted Tablets:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.69 per unit
  • Generic Cialis: $1.30 per unit
  • Generic Levitra: $1.50 per unit
  • Generic Priligy: $2.00 per unit
  • Generic Amoxil: $0.44 per unit

Buyers can pay for their orders using their credit cards, Bitcoins, or E-checks. Shipping costs a uniform $10 regardless of the order destination.

For questions regarding the order process or the products per se, consumers can contact the Trusted Tablets support team using the published numbers or the live chat support on the shop.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are offered by Trusted Tablets but only during special occasions. Other offers are available though, like the following deals:

Trusted Tablets Customer Deals
Trusted Tablets Customer Deals

Here are several buyer options for maximizing their savings at Trusted Tablets stores:

  • Complimentary pills: Trusted Tablets sends at least 4 pills to customers with orders of 20 units of generic impotence treatments. Buyers have more freebies as long as they order more items on the Trusted Tablets shops.
  • Free shipping: Besides the free pills, customers are also offered waived shipping fees when they are able to order pills worth more than $150.
  • Special discounts: Customers are offered up to 10% off their orders if they are able to satisfy certain conditions. Buyers are entitled to loyalty discounts, referral discounts, and survey discounts depending on what they are able to accomplish as customers of the store.

Trusted Tablets Phone Numbers

Trusted Tablets stores may be reached out to using the following phone numbers:

  • +1-800-532-4808
  • +1-718-475-9088
  • +44-203-011-0241

Besides these numbers though, customers may also use the store’s live chat support for real-time assistance. They can also send email using the network’s messaging option found on the Contact Us page of every Trusted Tablets network.

Trusted Tablets Spam and Phone Calls

Because online pharmacies are notorious for causing trouble with clients, we also sought negative testimonials that would link Trusted Tablets stores with shady online activities. However, we could not find any evidence against Trusted Tablets’ otherwise impressive performance, which means that the network was actually benign and worthy of buyer trust.


Network drugstores like Trusted Tablets have basically the same function as the common independently operating web pharmacies, only that these network sites only gather orders instead of processing them as standalone online drugstores. Trusted Tablets, the network in question, has proved its reliability through the years, as seen via its available reviews and its lack of complaints about its service.

Overall, because of all the good things the Trusted Tablets have, we resolve to endorse the use of this web drugstore for buyers with the need for high-quality yet affordable medical treatments. Our rating for Trusted Tablets: 5/5.

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