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During my never-ending quest for finding supplies of erectile dysfunction meds at considerably low prices, I came across with The company claimed not to be an online pharmacy, providing free information concerning male’s impotence and Viagra for educational purposes only. I thought this was very odd, given the overall look of Viagral’s website. It looks just like any other e-pharmacy.

After a much more cared evaluation, I realized that was recommending other online drugstores from where I could order my ED meds from. Viagral listed the pricing range and after clicking on “Order Now”, I was re-directed to other companies. There’s nothing wrong with this, but the suggested online pharmacies always looked odd to me. Before deciding to purchase anything from them, I must check their reputation first. began in 2011 and closed last year. The website is only accessible via archives of the Internet. This website claimed to have all the best prices on the Internet for ED drugs. Based on the suggestions given by, generic Viagra could be purchased at a minimum cost of $2.00 per 100 mg tablet, whereas branded Viagra could be obtained by $4.7 per tablet. Cialis was being sold at $1.75 per piece and Levitra at $2.50 each tablet.

No information concerning whereabouts was given. Since Viagral wasn’t an online pharmacy, neither shipping nor payment information was available.

For feedbacks and further inquiries, could be contacted by submitting an online form on the official website. Reviews

When I’m looking for an online store or a particular product, I always certified that I’m buying the right product in the right store. The only way I can do that is by looking at the company’s reputation among those it served before. Feedbacks provided by previous clients are the most reliable way to either trust a pharmacy or discard it completely. Reviews may be positive or negative, but are important regardless. Moreover, reviews can help the store to understand its clients’ needs and frustrations and improve its services accordingly. was not a popular website as the number of existing reviews is extremely limited. I discovered only one review made by James back in April 2013. At least, this review was written on an independent website so I know it’s from a confirmed, and therefore reliable source.

James seems to be completely satisfied with Viagral, calling the website as a “very trusted” one. James has been using the tools provided by Viagral to search “for Viagra prices” for 2 years. Glad to see that James never had any problem with the pharmacies linked by Review Review Reviews 2016

I understand that might not have been a threat per se. This website wasn’t an online pharmacy, despite its appearance. Consumers who were suffering from Erectile Dysfunction could use Viagral to search for e-pharmacies capable of catering sexual disorder-related meds. However, regarding the stores linked by Viagral, I cannot say the same. Consumers should always verify the store before purchasing it.

Nevertheless, I decided it would be useful to do a small security check on using Curiously, Legit Script considered Viagral to be a rogue internet pharmacy and consumers should not browse the website. In my opinion, either Viagral was once a fraudulent e-pharmacy or was involved in scam activities with the online drugstores it recommended. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

Moving on to Scam Adviser, seems to be a United States based website. Scam Adviser also demonstrated that Viagral was once threat listed, thus making it a dangerous website. However, still gets a bigger trust score than most websites in the market – a 76% trust rating. Consumers are recommended to proceed with care but to keep it mind that the past reputation of wasn’t the best. Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed Coupon Codes

As for coupon codes or any other money saving options, none was provided by Perhaps the website was advertising coupon codes or any other ways to benefit the consumer’s wallet when buying ED drugs but I wasn’t able to find any. We need to keep in mind that Viagral no longer exists and the access to its previous website is quite limited.

If had some sort of partnership with the online pharmacies it advertised, then I almost sure that Viagral was offering a coupon code for that particular store. This way, consumers would feel tempted to order their ED meds from there. We will never know for sure now.


My gut feeling tells me that there was a point in time where was, indeed, an online pharmacy. When it was operating as an e-pharmacy, Viagral solely focused on catering erectile dysfunction drugs, including generics and the respective brand-name medicines. Viagral offered the standard 3 types of ED meds: Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. However, on its last days, was an apparent e-pharmacy but didn’t actually do the selling. Instead, Viagral suggested consumers other online pharmacies where they could obtain their ED meds from. The affiliation between Viagral and these e-shops is not fully understood but I believe it wasn’t for good reasons. Speaking only from a first look, the linked pharmacies didn’t seem reliable to me. Hence, consumers must always verify such e-shops independently of reputation.

Concerning Viagral’s reputation, only one user shared his great experience with this site. However, the company failed to pass the security check tests by Legit Script. I can only give a 2 out of 5 score.

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